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What Is Passive Recruiting?

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The truth is,  when it comes to cybersecurity, most businesses struggle to find the perfect candidate. Moreover, most top cyber candidates are not actively looking, which means that those recruiting, and candidates can quite easily miss each other – by a mile.

A Different Approach Is Needed

Job boards mostly represent just the active market, which is a problem.  Further, in this crazy cybersecurity market, those looking may not be the best candidates.  If you are posting on a cybersecurity job board today, it may mean that the candidate has “issues” since finding a new job in cyber happens prior to posting your resume.  Most candidates today get approached and accept new positions without ever needing to leave their tech community or inner circle. Not necessarily true for other job categories but pretty true in cyber.

So, to overcome this problem of missing out on the right candidates and not reaching the perfect audience, we have come up with a passive recruiting method that is proven to work.

A lot of people are passive job seekers. These are people who are currently in employment but are not actively looking for a job, yet if the right job came along then they would consider it. This proves that companies should not only focus on active job seekers but should also target passive job seekers, through a passive recruiting method, as this is where the real talent is hiding.

For too long, employers have been focused on only those who show an active interest in finding a new job. However, there is an entire population of passive job seekers out there who are waiting for the right job to come along. When the cybersecurity workforce consists predominately of passive job seekers, how can employers ignore them?

How Do We Do It?

The short answer is: Data, Expertise, Relationships and Reputation. Our candidate data is exceptional – that is all we focus on – cybersecurity.  We are not just recruiters but credentials cyber professionals.  We hold certificates like the GCIA and others so we actually can speak your language.  Our relationships are deep and we take them serious.  And, we have the reputation for finding the right candidate working with an actual human throughout the process. Chances are we already have your candidate in our database and he probably is not looking for a job currently.  By the way, this is a plus in our book and the candidate is graded positively (among 37 other attributes).  We are constantly harvesting candidates and enriching our database perpetually.

How Does it Work?

Employers come to us and provide us with the job or jobs that they require. We match these jobs with our candidates and we present you with a our top picks.  We can prescreen them, gather references or work with your HR department as necessary to fill the position.

A Simplified and Efficient Application Process

We streamline the entire application process for both candidates and employers. 

Look at Recruiting in a Different Way

The truth is, cybersecurity recruitment is very different from other tech jobs.. Employers are missing out on the best talent because they are choosing to use tried and tested methods that no longer achieve the right results.

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